How To Make Candles in 5 Steps

How to make candles in 5 easy steps! Okay, Okay, I know what you’re thinking… candle-making can be dangerous and is a bit intimidating. Hot wax is scary after all.

I promise, it’s a lot easier than people think and it’s actually a lot of fun. There are many variation for your candles as well, Doris + Lotte just launched a new collection of Rustic Candles — take a look!

If you decide candle-making is just too much for you to take on, you can also go buy some clean-burning rustic soy candles in my etsy store!

Step 1: Choose Your Materials

Choosing the materials for your candles is very important. What type of wax will you use? What type of container appeals most to you? Then the uber important — do you want your candles to be clean-burning or do you want to save costs with your materials.

You should first decide what type of wax you would like to use for your candles. You can use waxes like Paraffin wax and Gel Wax. Or you can use Soy Wax. Soy Wax candles burn more cleanly and allow for you to feel better about what you’re breathing in. My preference is Goldenwax Flaked Container Soy Wax 464, 500g, White. I highly suggest spending the extra money to invest in Soy Wax. Paraffin and Gel wax is derived from Petroleum and known to cause health issues.

Next, you need to determine what type of container you want to use. I started out making candles in Mason Jars back in 2014 and found a few things to keep in mind when making candles in glass jars. Be sure to let the candles cool enough before pouring. Otherwise, the difference in temperature between the glass and hot wax can cause the jar to burst. You can also get a white haze on the candles when using jars. Best bet it so let the wax cool to 125 degrees Fahrenheit before pouring, or gently warm your jars up. If you are planning to make these candles as gifts, these would be perfect! If you’re a bit intimidated by the glass jar idea, here is an option you can try: Moretoes Candle Tins 24pcs 4oz for DIY Candle Making Round Storage Containers Metal Travel Tins with Lids

Now all that is left is to choose your wick type and your candle fragrance oil. I recommend these cotton wicks and these wood wicks. For your fragrance oil, you should look for clean scents. That means no phthalates and other carcinogens.

Be sure to also have a stirring stick of some sort. I like to use wooden skewers!

Step 2: Prepare Your Space

Now, it’s time to prepare your space. You will need to heat the wax in a double boiler. You can get super fancy and buy a candle pouring pot or you can simply use a jar that can be heated to high degrees. For example, some people choose to use tall, wide-mouth mason jars.

You should cover the space you are working on to protect your countertops. I usually use a cutting board. Be sure to have a pot holder handy as well, to set your candle pot down on.

Set your wicks in your chosen containers with either candle stick tabs or heavy duty glue. Make sure you center the wick in the container, so your candle will burn evenly.

Now, grab your thermometer and your supplies and let’s get to melting!

Step 3: Heat and Pour Your Wax

Determine how many candles you will be making and how many ounces each container holds. Weigh out how much wax you will need. Subtract an ounce from each container total and put the remaining wax in the candle pot. For example, if you have an 8 ounce jar, put 7 ounces in the candle pot. Fill a large put 1/4 of the way with water and place the candle pot into the larger pot. Put it on the stove and and heat it up! For best results, heat at an even temperature. Be patient, as this can sometimes take a bit of time.

Once the wax has melted, place the candle pot on a pot holder and check to see your fragrance oil’s flash point. Take the temperature of your melted wax and wait until the total temperature is less than your fragrance oil’s flash point, but approximately 180 degrees. Stir the fragrance oil (typically between 3% and 10% of your total wax amount) into the melted wax for two minutes. If you’re using a glass jar, wait until the wax has gotten to less than 125 degrees and go ahead and pour it in! Next up is the waiting game. Let the candle cool completely. This can take 12 hours. Once the candle has cooled, heat up the remaining ounce of wax and repeat the process. This last step is the second pour and helps ensure you have an even top on your candle.

Step 4: Let Your Candles Cool & Package Them Up!

This is the hardest step! Let your candles cool completely. If you don’t you risk having bubbles, uneven surfaces, and hazy finishes. Once cooled, package them up or place them in your home. Be sure to place them in open spaces, not near fans or any fabrics. For the best hot throw, experts recommend letting the candle cure for 2 weeks before lighting.

Step 5: Light and Enjoy

You can now enjoy your hard work! Light your candle and enjoy. If you decided to use soy wax and clean fragrance, you can rest easy that you are not adding pollutants to your breathing space!

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